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About the German International School Jeddah

The German International School Jeddah (DISJ/GISJ) was founded in 1975. It is a private school under the auspices of the school association "Deutsche Schule Jeddah" (German School Jeddah). The school is under the supervision of the German "Federal-State Committee for School Education Abroad" (BLASchA) of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (Kultusministerkonferenz, KMK).

Mission Statement

To guarantee quality and development in the present and in the future, the school has developed a mission statement (Leitbild).

Teaching and Degrees

The offer includes grades 1 to 12 (11 + 12 = IB), and also a German kindergarten and a preschool. An independent Highschool in the form of a GIB (Multilingual International Baccalaureate) has started with the beginning of this school term.

We teach in German language, based on German curricula, offering additional Arabic language lessons. In grades 6 to 10 education is based on upper secondary school level,  differentiated for pupils of lower education levels. The 2nd foreign language is French, compulsory for upper level secondary school pupils. Students can acquire various degrees:

  • Primary school after grade 9
  • Secondary school after grade 10
  • Permission to transfer to the Highschool after class 10

In terms of a reliable half-day school it is possible to receive homework supervision during the 6th hour. 

Students with German language deficiency may get special remedial education in "German as a foreign language".

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Some Rules are neccessary...

and therefore there are the School Rules (Schulordnung) and a few other regulations. You'll also find information on costs (Tuition Fees).


Schools: Partners for the Future

The Disj is part of the global association of approximately 1500 networked schools, that exchange ideas and information with each other and work together.

Official German School Abroad


As a member of the circle of the 140 German schools abroad officially sponsored by the Federal Republic of Germany the GISJ may bear the DAS logo.

Excellent German School


In 2012 the GISJ was awarded the title of "Excellent German School Abroad". [read more]

Working Together in Partnership

Students, parents, staff and other interested people design the life of the school in a creative coworking beyond classes. Learn about the class representatives, parent class representatives, and our employees. And the teachers too!

Funded by the ZfA

ZfA Imagelogo

The GISJ is sponsored personally and financially by the Federal Republic of Germany (Central Agency for Schools Abroad in Cologne, ZfA). The ZfA mediates, coordinates and supports the German schools worldwide.


Jeddah, the port city on the Red Sea, is the most tolerant and lively city of the Kingdom. And the most interesting [read more (german)]

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