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Language and Curriculum

Lessons are given in German language, based on the Thuringian curricula. In the lower secondary education we provide lessons based on curricula approved by the KMK, on the basis of the Thuringian Curricula for High School. These take into account the specific local conditions in Saudi Arabia.

Kindergarten and Preschool

The DISJ offers several Kindergarten Groups for children of different ages as well as pre-school classes. [read more (german)]

Primary School

The Primary School includes grades 1 to 4. In addition to German, mathematics, social studies, art, music and sports, that are usual in Germany too, English and Arabic (differentiated into "Arabic as a foreign language" and "Arabic as a mother tongue") are also taught from the first grade. [read more (german)]

Lower Secondary education

The lower secondary education includes classes 5 - 10. Class 5 is the orientation level, English is the first foreign language. In classes 6 - 10 we offer different lessons for secondary modern and secondary intermediate school. French is taught as second  foreign language, it is compulsory for high school students. Of course, we provide Arabic lessons. [read more (german)]


The teachers

The teachers, their classes and their consultation hours.

German courses for adults

We offer German courses for adults too. Not only parents, but also external users such as students, doctors, engineers, businessmen enjoy these increasingly popular courses. New courses begin regularly. [read more]

Subjects and lessons

On our website you will find more information about our lessons and an overview of the hours distribution by grade levels.

Final qualifications

The students can acquire the following final qualifications:

  • Secondary modern school qualification after class 9
  • Secondary intermediate school qualification after class 10
  • Entitlement to transfer to Upper Secondary after class 10

The acquisition of qualifications is part of a central completion procedure of the Secondary education under the supervision of the KMK in Germany. The written examinations usually take place in March, the oral exams in May or June .

Reliable Half Day School

As a sign of a reliable half-day school it is possible to receive support for your homeworks during the 6th hour.

Working groups and afternoon activities

A wide range of working groups and sporting activities are also available for students. These include, for example, Arts and craftsBasketball, Homework support, Karate, Soccer and last but not least the Student newspaper.

German - remedial education

Students with German language deficiency may get special remedial education in "German as a foreign language".

Quality assurance and Evaluation

Gütesiegel Exzellente Deutsche Auslandsschule

For the quality assurance and evaluation of the lessons various actions are carried out [read more (german)]. In 2012 the DISJ received the title "Excellent German School Abroad".